Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  What's a Preorder item?

Preorder items are special items that doesn't have been made yet, they have a date when they will be ordered and a ''estimated'' date when they will be shipped (There could be delays due to the production)
I order them to my suppliers, they produce the items and shipped them to me, once I get them, I will ship every order that contains those items.

If you want to know all the news from Preorders and shipments follow chunn_schedule on twitter!

What is your store return and exchange policy?  

Returns*: If your order arrived in perfectly condition but you don't want it anymore, you can ask for a return, the process is simple,first of all, you will need to send me a mail telling me that you want to return your items with a photo of them, once I give you the okey, you send me the items that you don't want (perfectly packaged to avoid damage, if the item arrives damaged, I won't refund anything, please take that in mind) with tracking number to the same address that you had on your parcel when it arrived to your home (please send me a mail with the tracking number after sending it) and once I receive it, I will refund you the items' original price, please note that you will have to pay for the shipping for the returned item.

*Returns could only be available 15days after you received the item and ONLY if it's in perfect condition, with their original package and has notr been used.

Exchange your item: You have 24H to contact me before I send them out, If they are shipped or prepared I couldn't do it.

Could I change my shipping address?

As long as your order is not shipped or prepared, you could do it, just contact me on my shop contact form or on my Twitter

Why I'm charged taxes, VAT or IVA?

Taxes will be charged on orders from spain or any country of the European Union, this is a legal business and by law I am obliged to charge the VAT to all countries belonging to the European union.

Countries outside the European Union will not be charged taxes, as it is an export, your orders may fall to customs in your country and pay the corresponding taxes there.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the EU?

Yes! I ship worldwide

How about customs?  

Customs are fees that you might be charged by your country when picking up an imported parcel from abroad.
These fees depend on your own country's laws and are out of my hands as a seller. Parcels charged with these fees are chosen arbitrarily, so please be aware of this before ordering an item.
I am not liable for any customs you might get charged upon arrival.

How long will it take to receive my order?

To Spain (Priority): 2 to 10 Business Days 
To Europe (Priority): 15 to 50 Business Days 
To USA (standard): 60 to 120 days
To USA (Priority): 25 to 45 days 
To another part of the world (Priority): 25 to 120 Business Days 

 *There could be delays during sale periods, holidays, and extreme weather that I can't control.
* Sometimes Tracking numbers won't have updates until they reach the destination country, If your tracking didn't update for +30 days, is normal, but if It didn't update for more than 60 days, contact me
Please make sure that the address you entered is complete and 100% correct so that the items will not lost. Also write it in alphabet letters only! (for other languages like Japanese,Chinese etc)

Could you cancel my order?  I don't  want it anymore

I don't accept cancelations, please take that in mind before ordering.

My order arrived damaged

Everyone who wants to make a claim about broken or not received items has to send a video unpackaging the order when they receive it, you don't need to film yourself, just the package being opened. I won't accept photos anymore when a product is missing, ONLY when the product arrives broken.
I always check all the items quality before sending them out, although I'll do my best to keep the items safe or won't bend, damaged items due to poor shipping of the courier cannot be return/refunded, I could ONLY accept refunds if the package arrived perfectly without any tape on it.

My Charms / Enamels / other merch arrived with bits of dust, spots or little stratches

That's because all the items are made manually on fabrics, not all of them are perfect, I always make a check quality before sending out any order, however if your charm arrived with a big scratch or a missing color part, contact me and I will be glad to help you, but small scratches, bits of dust or spots are normal.

For enamel pins there are two types of Grades; 

A Grade: They are almost perfect, with non noticeable little scratches or little bits of dust.

B Grade: They have missing paint holes, scratches or problems with the colors.


I bought a Cardigan / Sweater / Haori or sock and arrived with lost threads 

They are factory made textile products and sometimes they have lost threads


Could you refund my order? I don't want to wait anymore

I don't accept refunds, I could only accept it if the order arrived broken and the package is perfecty fine, please take that in mind before ordering.


I want to add more items / combine orders

If you wish to add items to an order you already made, feel free to contact me and I will add it to the total order but only if I haven't shipped your order yet.
If you want to change your order contact me too!

I saw that packages are already arriving to other customers but mine is still on the way

Each country / regions / states have a different time on deliverying orders, please contact your local post office for more information, I can't do anything about it.

It's been 30 bussiness days already and I still haven't receive my package?  

Shipping sometimes takes more than a month to deliver (especially to other specific countries and delays with customs), all orders include a tracking number, so you can track it with no problems.

Remember that once I left your package on my post office, I don't have any control about it, If you have problems, please contact your local Post office.
If your package is returned, I could only ship it again (You have to pay for shipping again) or refund you the order without shipping & taxes.

USPS / Other shipping company broke / Stole my order, What could I do?

I'm sorry about it, you should make an Inquiry on their company but I can't do nothing about it, if they told you that I should be the one making the inquiry, is false.
As I stated adove, I can't do anything about it and I won't refund your order.

I used the ''Let me pay over time'' option but It turned into an error on your page, It's this normal?

I have that option dissabled so it's normal.

Could I use your washitapes / merch and make profit of them?  

No, never.
If I caught you doing that, I will take legal actions.
I only accept it when is a non profit giveaway.

My package arrived but some items are missing

Everyone who wants to make a claim about broken or not received items has to send a video unpackaging the order when they receive it, you don't need to film yourself, just the package being opened. I won't accept photos anymore when a product is missing, ONLY when the product arrives broken.
Also, due to problems with some postal companies, (USPS / Fedex) some times the package arrive open or with stealed items, please make sure that your package is closed and only have the ''Chunnyeol'' washitape on it and no other tapes, if the package arrives open, please contact the shipping company.

I placed an order on your site but paypal / my card charged me the invoice a couple of times

Please contact your Paypal or card holder, I don't have any responsability / I couldn't do nothing about this, those are Paypal / Bank problems, not my website problems.

I buyed from your store and some days later you changed the price of the product to a cheaper one, could you refund me the difference?

No, sorry

I got the tracking number but where should I track it?

 I recommend using Postal ninja or Aftership

I got a mail telling me that my order is complete, what does that means?

That means that your order is shipped or prepared.

Why my item is not shipped yet? It's been 3 days. 

I usually ship all my orders every Monday/Tuesday instead of Pre orders that have on the description the day that they will ship (There could be delays due to the manufacturer) 
If you want to know all the news from Preorders and shipments follow chunn_schedule on twitter!

Once the order is completed, what do you do with my address info / Payment info?

Your info will just be used for shipping, not anything else and for the payment info, I don't have any access to it, all the payment is made between your bank / paypal and you, I only receive the payment, not your info.

Would you make Merch / rt of X Character / Series?

I'm not obligated to make all the Characters of a Serie / Videogame / Anime, If I don't like the chara, I won't draw it.

Where do you print your merch? Who is your supplier?

Please, don't ask about my suppliers, I'm not confortable sharing them to people who I don't even know or I'm not friends with.

Could I get your number / Discord / Telegram to talk about a proyect I have in mind?

No, sorry, I don't like sharing that personal information, even if thats for work, I prefer to be contacted by Twitter or mail.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is through Twitter messages or through the contact form on this page!

Could I resell your merch or draws?

No, reselling my merch / art is forbiden and If you do it, I will take legal action.

Can I repost your art?

Do not repost my art. I do not allow that under any circumstances, whether you credit me or not. Repost accounts often get more attention than the original artists and it's extraordinarily harmful to artists. Do not repost my art.

Can I use your art as a profile picture, Twitter header, etc?

Do not use my artwork for anything unless I have given you my explicit permission. I only accept it when is a commission and ONLY the commissioner.

Could I organize a GO for your merch?

Due to problems in the past, I won't accept any GO