Last Updated: 26th June 2024


Genshin Impact Cape blankets: Waiting for the REMAKE of the second batch (Customs lost my packages) More updates here

Flowerly Genshin Enamel Pins: In Production

Neuvillette & Furina Plushies: In Production


In Preorder: The item is in preorder state, meaning that you can still preorder it before my supplier begin with the production.

In Production: My supplier's company is producing the item

Ended Production: My supplier's company just finished producing the item and is packaging them to ship them to me soon.

Shipped to me: My supplier just shipped the items to me and once I receive them I will package and ship every Preorder item order to your home.

Shipping orders: I'm working on packaging every Preorder item order and ship them to you soon, you will receive a tracking number once I preregister them.

Everything Shipped: Meaning that I already shipped EVERY Preorder item order to their respective homes.

Shipping Delayed: Because of x circunstances the shipping / manufacture was delayed.

*If there are no delays 

*Please note that some dates could change based on Delays or supplier problems!