Changes on the refund policy

I have been contacted by one of my followers who saw a friend of theirs (who inquiry me about not receiving a charm) posting photos of the ''non received'' charm on their private account, I always have trust in all my customers when they told me that they didn't receive an item because I could make mistakes with the large number of orders, especially in Kickstarters or Preorders, so I always send out a replacement or even refund the missing item to the customer, I have been scammed and I think I have to take serious matters from this.
I have seen this rule in a lot of artists and even GOs so I will apply it too
From now on, everyone who wants to make a claim about broken or not received items has to send a video unpackaging the order when they receive it, you don't need to film yourself, just the package being opened.
I won't accept photos anymore when a product is missing, ONLY when the product arrives broken
I'm sorry that I have to do this
- Chunnyeol