Estimated price: 50€

Full ownership: x5 of the actual price.

* Includes JPEG & PNG archives


Estimated price:

Chest: 130€

Medium body (thigh up): 180€

Full body: 250€

Background add on: 60€ to 80€

Full ownership: x3 of the actual price.

* Includes JPEG & PNG archives

Custom Merch

Estimated price:

Charm: 100€ - 120€

Standee: 120€ - 150€

Phone holder: 75€ - 100€

Manjuu: 100€ - 120€

Haori: 250€ - 300€

Full ownership: x2 or x3 of the actual price.

* Includes JPEG & PNG archives, Free worldwide shipping, Freebie stickers of the design, 2 copies of each merch item.


To order, just send me a message on Twitter / Instagram

1 - I will give you a form where you fill out all the information of your request.

2 - Once is already filled, I will revise it and send you an invoice to the mail that you writed on the form.

3 - After I get the full payment, I will begin to work on it (I usually don't send sketches unless the customer ask for them or is a Live2D model)

4 - After I finish it, I will send you a link where you can download your finished commission, please do it before one week or It will be deleted.

5 - If you want color changes, tell me, if not have a great day~


I only accept ONE free revision per commission and ONLY if is just:

- Pose changes on the Sketch phase

- Color changes on the Finalized phase

If you want other changes, here is the list of the prices after you used your Free revision:

- Color changes: 30€ - 50€

- Pose changes: 80€ - 150€

- Elements changes: 30€ - 50€

- Background changes: 50€ - 80€


''I want to comish you but what does ''commercial use'' means for you?

What I consider is commercial use:


- Use the art to make merch and sell it (make profit of it)

- Live2D / vtuber models (They already include commercial use on their price)

- Banners / emotes for Youtube / Twitch


- Use the art as icon / profile pictures

- Repost the art on your website / socials


- I don’t accept refunds once I‘ve started working. 

- I only accept ONE FREE revision per commission, the next revisions will be charged.

- I'm not responsible and I won't refund nothing if you are a minor and you order without your parent's permison.

- I have the rights to change the price or increase it if I think that your order is more complicated than the actual style.

- I don't accept any commission that is related to NFCTs. If you use your commission to sell them or use them as a NFTs I will take legal action.

- All commissions are for personal use only except LIVE2D models, please contact me if you’d like something for commercial use, If you use it for commercial purposes without telling me, you will be banned and I will take legal action.

- I own all the copyright rights of any commission unless you buy the full ownership of it. (that is charged separately) Even if you order the full ownership, you CAN'T sell them as NFTs.

- Finished commissions will be posted on my social media sites, if you’d prefer otherwise, please mention it during the order. 

- I won’t draw in another style than mine, if you don’t like my artstyle, don’t commission me and find another artist. 

- I could only draw girls, cute boys, real people, Idols, Game / Anime / Manga Characters, Ocs, Animals, Pokemon / Digimon, NSFW (Nudity) 

- I won’t draw muscular bodies, old people, mecha, complicated clothes, armor and NSFW (Sexual actions)

By purchasing any of my services you’re automatically accepting my terms of service and being obligated to follow them.